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UnoPointService Manager Suite is complete Web Based software solution with Mobility support for real-time update.
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This tool currently comprises of the following salient features :

Contract Management

  • Manage Contracts with different customers seamlessly and keep track of the expiry dates with automatic alert notifications for renewals and track the payments received against each contract. Manage call wise vendor and customer invoice/purchase orders and payment collection against them. Featuring Revenue & Cash-Flow Calendar on the basis of the contract terms. Actual collection can be monitored against revenue and cash-flow calendar.

Asset Management

  • Assets under support are mapped to the respective contracts. Each asset is stored with all the information required for service delivery like SLA, Service Delivery personals, escalations, product and product category, distance from nearest POP (Point of Presence). It is empoweredwith auto assignment and enables the service desk to handle more volumes of tickets. Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule can be configured for each asset and in turn trigger auto PM tickets. A comprehensive interface to keep your asset under control and at any-point audit ready CMDB.

Employee Management

  • Employee manager provides distribution of the team/resources across the geography. The Management is able to get the Availability(Attendance) and GPS Location during the official hours of the employees through the Mobile app. Geo fencing the reporting location for auto attendance of the employee. Company asset management.Grade and performance management. Claim management for periodic and non-periodic expenses.

Self Service Portal

  • Users/Requestors can log in to a web based portal to submit service requests & Incidents. They can also access their existing tickets, find solutions in the Knowledge Base/Know Error Database (KEDB), and track the status of all their requests which will reduce the load of the help desk.

Ticket Management

  • Restore normal service of operation quickly with the comprehensive Ticket Management Module with auto assigning & communication through SMS, Email and mobile App notification, and real time updates from field.Proactive system initiated SLA Colour Legend warningService Manager and Technicianson a potential breach of SLA. Auto follow-up assistant feature for proactive monitoring of progress of the ticket resolution.

Service Level Agreement

  • Measuring Service Levels was never so easy. With the intuitive SLA management in UnoPoint Service Desk, SLA’s can be configured within minutes based on different combinations (Critical Users, Location, Severity, Priority...). Escalation can be configured up-to four levels of hierarchy for proper actions against breached SLA’s.

Spare Management

  • Spare requisition against ticket with photograph through mobile app enabling the stores/logistics to service the spare request faster than ever . Capture real time consumption of spares to do capacity planning of spares. Spares logistics management to track spare movement by all modes (store, courier, by hand …) . Delivery Challan printing and reporting.

Commercial Management

  • Create vendor Purchase orders and track vendor payments using the Vendor Commercial tracking Module. Create CustomerProforma Invoice and update customer payments using the customer Commercial tracking.

Knowledge Base/Known Error Database (KEDB)

  • UnoPoint Service Desk has flexible knowledge base with option to add unlimited KB articles and allows users to easily search the information. Article submission in KEDB is through the Problem Management Process as per ITIL guidelines.

Help Desk Notifications

  • Stay informed about your tickets and keep your technicians and end users up to date on the status of the tickets by email. Acknowledgementmails can be configured to send mails according to settings.

Service Manager Reports

  • Generate detailed reports about your Service Managerperformance& metrics. With the variety of reporting functionalities, analyze yourtechnician performance and take control over your assets & tickets.

Android mobile support

  • UnoPoint android application helps engineers/technicians on field to send updates of ETA, ATA, Tech-Close & Resolutions instantaneously. It also allows the engineers/technicians tosend pictures/files to he server. The application enabled service provides coordinates of engineer/technician movements to he server for their Geo-position. The engineermovement can be seen on the web-portal.

iPhone mobile support

  • UnoPoint Service Manager has support for customers to log issues through iPhone.UnoPoint Service Manager has support for customers to log issues through iPhone.

Google Maps Integration

  • UnoPoint is integrated with Google maps to provide incident locations view and The android application enabled service provides coordinates of engineer/technicianmovements to the server for their Geo-position. The engineer movement can be seen onthe web-portal. Assignment of ticket can also be done based on map-view*

Key Features:

  • Mobility Apps enables last mile update to trigger dashboard changes for managers.
  • Auto Assignment of Engineer through
    • Asset Mapping
    • Engineer Self Pool Pick
    • GPS view based assignment
    • Round Robin Method
    • Load Balancing Method
  • GPS Integration enables various benefits from Call Assignment to Geo-fencing, availability management & complete track history during official hours.
  • Communication Manager enables email, SMS& mobility alerts to create an effective and cost efficient communications for follow-up and updates.
  • Commercial Close feature to track your vendor & customer payments.
  • Dashboards customization to suit your business needs.

More Benefits

Functionality Your IT Benefits Your Business Benefits
Service Desk Cut mean-time-to-repair by 30% Improve restoration time faster
Asset Management Manage Asset only under active contracts Increase contract revenue
Knowledge Management Speed resolution Empower users with self-service knowledge
Mobility Cut down communication cost and time Boost productivity and reduce support costs
Capacity Planning Accelerate planning from months to weeks Reduce overall IT costs
Service Cost Management Establish & communicate IT costs Reduce overall IT spend by up to 10-15%
Vendor Management Manage the entire vendor service and Commercial lifecycle Increase Vendor Satisfaction and Improve vendor relation
Contract Management Consolidate silos of data for contract information Team is aware of each customer & its asset SLA for business services
Dashboards and Analytics Gain visibility into Key Performance Indicators Make decisions based on business impact
Orchestration Automate repetitive tasks and handoffs Reduce cost & risk of manual processes
Service Level Management Define, track, and measure IT service levels Improve customer satisfaction