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Lead And Opportunity

Lead And Opportunity Management

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Lead And Opportunity Management

Sales Status And
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Uno Point Sales Manager is comprehensive Sales Management Tool that covers the entire Sales life cycle activity right from Lead Generation to Payment Collection and also helps to capture real time field level activities of the Sales Executive via android mobile application.
Sales Process Cycle

This tool currently comprises of the following salient features :


  • Create Lead on the Field from Android App & also from Web portal.

    Lead initiated are captured with details of the lead like Customer details, technical details & the initial discussion.

  • Bulk lead creation via Excel Sheet upload

    In case of large lead data base resulting out of an email campaign, Exhibition, Road show, Etc would be uploaded with mandatory details of Customer Contact & address details & area of interest.

  • Lead processing

    Validating the leads logged, Calling details & Feedback post this on product & customer updated with history of call track.

  • Call back tracking

    Detailed prompting on call back tracking with alerts on the dashboard on the web portal.

  • Lead disposition update and tracking

    As a final closure of lead status, moving to opportunity, closure with reason & deferred with callback status is posted.


  • Scheduling meeting and reminder for meeting
  • Tracking meeting location via GPS
  • Meeting Disposition
  • Details of the meeting would be shown hierarchy wise , effort wise ,team wise . showing the beginning & end of meeting with location of customer . Status update to be given at the end .


  • Customizable progress stage and its order
  • Progress bar to show individual opportunity status
  • Consolidated progress view for each executive
  • Again this can be viewed team wise , hierarchy wise of the opportunity progress stages .This will depend on each of the activities like proposals , meetings and status updated.


  • Lead to opportunity graph
  • Opportunity to Progress stage graph
  • Opportunity to order conversion graph
  • Order to invoicing graph
  • These are the various analytic inputs to the senior management to know the hygiene of the sales team , for the period determined by them.


  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly target setting for executives
  • Achievement progress of each executive
  • Pipeline status for each executive
  • Hierarchy/Team wise tracking of achievement , targets & pipeline depending on the Timelines & also product wise.


  • PDF, Excel, HTML based Periodic Reports
  • Region/Executive wise reports
  • Customized reports
  • Sales executive activity Timesheet report.
  • These are various reports that can be downloaded to analyse the data & to send individual analysis ,as per requirement.


  • GUI rich dashboard to view opportunity, progress, target and achievement
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Senior management to have a full easy to analyse graphical view of the team.


  • Opportunity wise document repository
  • High availability online repository
  • Customizable category of document for easy identification
  • All mail communication against the opportunity in the repository
  • At all levels of opportunity tracking ,attachments & repository is maintained technical , commercial , legal & mails can be systematically catalogued.